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This page features links to websites offering used boats for sale from yachts for sale, to motor boats, and even commercial fishing boats. From online only websites, through broker websites to magazine websites.

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Boats For Sale UK

A UK site selling boats, outboards and even fishing boats for sale (just don’t tell below though or they might get the hump!). »

Ebay Boats For Sale Section

Chances are that you haven’t heard of this little website, but apparently it allows you to buy and sell boats in an auction. When I last counted there were literally ‘oodles’ of boats for sale – which in boating parlance is a lot of boats for sale.

I have to confess, I spend far too much time to be healthy looking at boats for sale on ebay. Are you a secret ebay boats for sale browser too?

Ebay Boats For Sale For Sale

The ideal site for all frustrated office workers and fisherman who already realised that working in an office was not all it was cracked up to be! Find your own commercial fishing boat for sale (includes non commercial boats too).

Find your fishing boat, then go fishing. Simple. Enjoy. for sale »

Sonata Sailing Association

If the used boat for sale you are after, happens to be a Sonata, or you are looking to sell your Sonata Sailing Boat – then this is the niche site for you.

Rightboat is the the global choice of boats for sale, apparently. An easy way to advertise your boat on-line with thousands of daily visitors.

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