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Looking for unusual gifts for boat lovers UK?

Anyone who has a partner or friend who loves boats will know that any gift that reminds them of their time on the water brings a glint to their eye. All boat enthusiasts love anything connected to their boat ownership.

On this page, we aim to bring together a range of unusual gifts for boat lovers UK. Get a great gift for your special boat owner!

The Legendary Swiss Army Knife With Safety String & Corkscrew

It goes without saying, does it not, that if you have some wine on board your boat, you must have some way of opening that wine, or it could perish!

Cue the corkscrew of legends, the Swiss Army Corkscrew, that also comes with other incredibly useful tools for in and around the boat.

So apparently, you can have your wine and drink it!

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Very Special Gift – It Has To Be The Breitling Superocean Heritage II

Best Watch For Boat OwnersSometimes, only the best will do for your boat lover. So, when it comes to the best, there is none better than a Breitling watch.

The Superocean Heritage II is a timeless classic, and with water resistance to a depth of 200m, it is the perfect gift for your very special boat owner.

Other watches are available of course, but this one is a special one.

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Insulated Wine Tumblers With Lids

I don’t know why, but there don’t seem to be many boat owners who do not like a glass of something wet while aboard (or ashore), so we think these insulated wine tumblers with lids are an ideal gift for your very own boat lover.

With 4 insulated wine tumblers you can share a drink with your boat owner friend and even when you are not with them, they will never forget the lovely gift you bought for them!

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The Classic Boat Knot Door Stopper

The Classic Boat Knot Door Stopper gift for boat ownersWant your boat enthusiast to be reminded of their boat love every time they walk through or prop open a door at home?

If you do, you need the boat knot door stopper.

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Stainless Steel Boat Universal Tool

Need to cut a rope quickly on a boat, or open a cold beer?

Has a screw come loose that needs tightening.

Need to tighten a bolt, or measure the length of a screw that needs replacing.

This is a classic multi-tool for your classy boat owner – not expensive either and always going to be on hand to save your boat lovers day!

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The Captain Is Always Right – All right?

Boat owners know one rule, and all crew must understand this too: The Captain Is ALWAYS right on his or her vessel – just ask Captain Lee on Below Deck and he will confirm this to be entirely correct!

But, in case there is any doubt, for visitors and first time guests, let everyone know without, any shadow of a doubt, that The Captain Is Always Right by buying him or her this lovely T Shirt which spells out the message too all in line of site.

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What Happens On The Boat Stays On The Boat Wooden Sign

What Happens On The Boat Stays On The Boat Wooden SignFirmly from the Carry On film range of cheeky quips (ooooh matronnnnn), this wooden sign will bring a smile to every boat lover’s face each time they walk into their shed, office, tent or cave.

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