Choosing A Kayak For The First Time In The UK

I am in the process of choosing a kayak for the first time to use exclusively in the UK. Truth be told, it is more than likely to be used solely in and around the lovely waters of Hope Cove, my favourite place to take time out in the UK.

In choosing a Kayak, I am able to draw on the experience of having used them in many different waters, from UK waters (from Totnes) to the more exotic locations of Fiskardo in Greece, San Diego in the States and Barbados and Antigua in the Carribean.

For me, the sit on kayak is absolutely my preference, and in using quite a few of them I have found that some are a lot more comfortable than others.

I plan to use this kayak for up to half a day at a time, whereby I mean I will be sitting on it for half a day, so it absolutely has to be comfortable. At times I will simply mess about on the water (isn’t that what it is all about?) but I am keen to try some fishing too from time to time. During these fishing stints, I need to ensure that I can sit there for hours on end without feeling uncomfortable.

I have found a place in Exeter which will allow me to try before I buy, so I think that is my starting point. I now just need to engineer a work visit down to Devon and I can do some testing.