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The Sailing and Boating holidays section of totallyboaty lists sailing holidays in the UK and Boating Holidays Abroad. Indulge your passion whilst taking a break. Whether you want to sail in the Mediterranean, or take a canal boat along the French Canal, the companies listed here can help you find the holidays of your dream. Sail away for a well earned break with totallyboaty.

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BOB’s Yachts Gouvia Marina Corfu

I know Bob of Bob’s Yachts. I used to work for him when he was running Odysseus Sailing Holidays operation from Gouvia Marina, Corfu. Bob is a good guy, and clearly knows the yacht charter market very well. I haven’t yet hired a yacht, but knowing what a perfectionist he was when I worked from him, I am pretty darn sure that Bob will ensure that you get a fine yacht and that he will take good care of you. Watch out for his catch phrase “Good Good”. It always used to make us chuckle.

In Bob’s own words “Bob’s Yachts are based in Gouvia Marina, Corfu and offer bareboat charters, sailing holidays, flotilla or skippered yacht charters around Corfu and all of the beautiful Ionian Islands. We have been in the yacht business since 1973 and in the yacht charter/bareboat charter business since 1980, taking care of our clients on their sailing holidays whether they are on a bareboat yacht charter, skipper charter, flotilla sailing holiday or even just on a day sailing from Gouvia Marina on Corfu.”

» Click here to visit Bobs Yachts Gouvia Marina Corfu

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Blakes Boats

Blakes Boats provide boating holidays in the UK, Ireland and France. Sailing Yachts or motor boats and family cruisers. They have been operating for over 100 years and I have seen them chugging up and down the River Thames (other rivers are available) for many of those 100 years; well, 30 or 40 of them at least.

» Click here to visit Blakes Boats

Latesail – Yacht Charter Deals And Offers

Wow. If it isn’t a website in the boating world that actually looks like it knows what it might be doing – which I take to mean is actually a real business and trading a profit. It has live chat that is actually turned on – wow – it even just pinged me to ask me to engage. Great work guys. If you aren’t looking to sail out of Gouvia Marina, in which case you would use Bob’s Yachts above, then it looks like this is the yacht charter website to use!

On a site test, however, I drew a blank. A search for a boat in Spain in September just came back with no results. I think ‘no results’ on any search is just a complete ‘no no’. When does Google ever say “sorry, I couldn’t find anything to match your search?” When does it ever do that? The answer is of course, never. It wants to keep you engaged, so it gives you something to look at. Do the same Latesail and I think you are on to a winner.

In Latesail’s owne words: “LateSail is the world’s leading supplier of discounted yacht charters. We offer you the biggest range of the best yachts, at the best prices, from the world’s leading charter operators – in one stop.”

» Click here to visit Latesail

Odysseus Sailing

Odysseus are the same company that Bob of Bob’s Yachts used to manage. I still have a soft spot for them, having worked for them for a summer as general dogsbody (I think the technical term is ‘deck hand’).

I even holidayed with them after working for them – so I can’t really say much more than that, can I?

I still see them every year when holidaying in Fiskardo, so look them up!

» Click here to see Odysseus Sailing Holidays

Sail Oasis Carribean Yacht Charters

Sail exotic St. Lucia & Grenadines. See hundreds of pictures.

» Click here to see Sail Oasis Carribean Yacht Charters

Whitsunday Luxury Sailing Holidays Australia

Lynne & John Boyce share their intimate knowledge of the Whitsunday water wonderland and welcome you to their yacht “Sydney Sundancer”, which has been likened to a five star floating resort. Sailing, snorkelling, scuba diving, reef walking, whale watching, uninhabited island exploration and gourmet meals together with award winning wines are just some of the daily highlights.

» Click here to see Whitsunday Luxury Sailing Holidays Australia

Sailing Holidays Limited

When I worked for Odysseus Yacht Charters in the Ionian, Barry from Sailing Holidays was just getting started. It seems that he hasn’t stopped as every time I return to the Ionian I see more and more Sailing Holidays yacths. Barry is still going strong – he can chat a good chat that man.

He also seems to have kept a lot of the same team around him, which I always take as a good sign of a good company.

From bareboat charters to shareboat charters and flotilla funanzas, Sailing Holidays can meet all of your sailing needs in the Ionian.

» Click here to see Sailing Holidays

Top Yacht

The UK’s leading independent charter company, we specialise in Turkey, but also offer holidays in Greece, Croatia, Italy, Spain, the Caribbean, Whitsundays, Seychelles and Polynesia.

» Click here to view Top Yacht

Virgin Island Sailing

Where do you operate from, I said?

The Virgin Islands, they replied.

What do you do, I said.

Sailing, they replied.

Right ho. I have your company name for you. This is what marketing experts do for a living – cunning eh?

In their own words:

“Virgin Islands crewed yacht charters | BVI Sailing. Virgin Island Sailing has been arranging quality bareboat and crewed yacht charters in The Virgin Islands since 1978. We understand that every Sailboat, Catamaran, and Motor Yacht we charter to every client is key to a successful holiday experience.”

» Click to view Virgin Islands Sailing

P.S. In the interests of full disclosure, I didn’t really name their company, but I am pretty sure that is how it was named – and a good job too. Makes sense and works. Good work.

Island Sailing

Island Sailing specialises in yacht charter holidays around the Ionian islands of Greece, including Lefkas, Kefalonia, Meganissi, Corfu, Ithaca and Paxos. Based at Lefkas marina on the Ionian island of Lefkas, Island Sailing are a British family owned and run company ideally located to offer some of the best yacht charter holidays in the Mediterranean. Choose the type of yacht charter in Greece that suits you best including bareboat yacht charter, flotilla sailing holidays, skippered yacht charter and learn to sail holidays.

» Click here to visit Island Sailing

Sail Greece Yachts

Sail Greece Yachts was formed 25 years ago by two close friends who love sailing, Giannis Makridakis and Vassilis Patiniotis. We try to think like customers and we care about making friends that enjoy sailing rather than clients.

We charter our own privately owned sailing yachts without any commission so you can rely on reasonable rental prices and immediate and personal support.

» Click here to visit Sail Greece Yachts Athens

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