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Looking for the best gifts for narrowboat owners? Want to find the bests gifts for canal boat owners? Let totallyboaty help you find the ideal gift that will bring a smile to your narrowboat owner friend or relative.

From practical canal boat gifts to the more fun narrowboat gifts, there is sure to be something for you here.

Our list below includes the top 10 gifts and a few special ones too.

Happy shopping!

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The Best Selling Narrowboat Owner Gift

gifts for narrowboat ownersThis is one of the best selling narrowboat owner gifts that combines practicality with style too. These plastic tumblers are ideal on a boat, where as most of your day is spent walking around barefoot, you don’t want any shards of glass catching you unaware.

Made with BPA Free tritan plastic, not only are they unbreakable, but ideally for a canal boat with very little storage space, they are also stackable and, if your friends are lucky enough to have squeezed one onto their narrowboat, they are dishwasher safe too!

What is not to like?

Click here to view the stylish unbvreakable drinking glasses:>>

Narrowboating For Novices Book

gifts for narrowboat ownersAre you friends or relatives new to the world of canal boating?

If so, this book could be an ideal resource for them to get them from novices to experts in no time at all.

Obviously, we suggest you know them well enough that this gift won’t cause offence, but if you are confident that they can take the hit on being called a novice, this coukld be a very useful resource for them.

Click here to view Narrowboating For Novices:>>

Todays Forecast – Cruising With A Chance Of Drinking T Shirt

gifts for narrowboat ownersApparently, some people like to have a small tipple when on their narrowboat (or several we are told).

If this is the case with your canal boat owner, this is an ideal and humorous gift for them.

A simple t shirt, with a picture of a narrowboat and the words TODAY’S FORECAST, CRUISING WITH A CHANCE OF DRINKING.

This gift is sure to bring a smile to the eye and will be worn proudly on the next trip out on the boat!

Click here to take a look at the soon to be canal boat owner’s favourite T shirt:>>

Home Is Where You Moor It Cushion

gifts for narrowboat ownersNarrowboat owners take pride in their boats, and rightly so.

Not only is it a form of leisurely and pleasureful transport, but it is also their home.

So scatter cushions are always going to feature strongly, and if those scatter cushions are canal boat related, you are on to a sure fire winnner!

If you are not a boating person, the term ‘Mooring’ relates to where you ‘park’ your boat at the end of the day.

After a lovely day of boating, you moor your boat up, then, whilst using your unbreakable tumbler above, wearing your lovely canal boat t shirt, you head into the galley to pour yourself a nice drink, then sit on your sofa with this lovely cushion cuddled on your lap.

Now that is a great day for a narrowboat owner!

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Welcome Aboard

gifts for narrowboat ownersWe all know that narrowboat owners are very friendly people, who like nothing more than being on their boat and being reminded of their boat name.

A boat name is a special thing, a very personal thing.

No doubt your canal boat owner has spent a lot of time choosing their boat name, so why would they not want to be reminded of it every time they return to their narrowboat, and to welcome their visitors by boat name too?

They do want this, very much, so are you going to buy this gift and make them a very happy boat owner?

Click here to view and personalise your welcome boat mat:>>4