F Rib 360 Review – Review Of F Rib Solid Hull Inflatable Rib

I purchased the Foldable F Rib 360 some time ago with a friend and I have to say, I cannot fault it. Here is my full f rib 360 review which I purchased from Nestaway Boats UK.

F Rib 360 Foldable Rib
The F Rib 360

The picture above reminds me that I need to take more photos of the F Rib when I am using it – this is the only one that I have!

Overall Review Of The F Rib 360

Great fun, handles well, easy to inflate, highly recommended.


It really is as simple as it looks to inflate and even easier to stow away after use. I recommend buying an electric pump, and then even further recommend charging it before you head out for the day (which I failed to do in the video below so you will see me flip to manual inflation a third of the way through the process)!

Size of car required to carry the F 360 Foldable Rib

I fit it comfortably in the back of an Audi Q5 with the seats down with all of the extra bits required (life jackets, fuel tanks etc). My co boat owner has an A 6 All road and again it fits well with the rear seats down.

Engine size for the F 360 Foldable Rib

We have a 20hp engine which I would say is more than enough. In hindsight, because we have one equipped to take a battery which carries a few extra kilos, I would say a 15hp would be adequate – if only for lifting in and out of the boot which is a little difficult if you are flying solo.

It depends whether you want to tow a skier or ringo behind you, but I think a 15HP would manage a ringo fine.

Handling of the F Rib 360 Foldable Rib

I have had Quicksilver air deck inflatables, a Wetline inflatable and a Quicksilver 425 Commander rigid sports boat. The handling of the F Rib 360, in my humble opinion as just someone who loves boats, is by far the best.

The rigid Quicksilver, due to its’ weight, just slammed down into waves in anything but the flattest sea. The Wetline was really bad as an inflatable. The Quicksilver 310 was better, but incredibly skittish with just one in the boat.

The F Rib 360 is far more assured, and due to her lightweight bounces gently off the waves and handles really nicely. Even in a reasonable swell on the run from Salcombe to Hope Cove she has handled nicely.

Summary – F 360 Foldable Rib

In summary, I am incredibly happy with my purchase of the F Rib 360. For the flexibility of being able to keep the rib in a garage, with the better handling offered by a solid rib floor, I do not think it could be better suited to my needs.