Boat Shows And Boat Jumbles

Boat Shows and Jumbles

This page features links to websites detailing all boat shows and boat jumbles. So if you are looking for some bargains at your local boat jumble, or looking for a trip to the London Boat Show or Southampton Boat Show to see the latest Hallbery Rassy yacht, or Boston Whaler sports boat, you have come to the right part of the website.

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Boat Jumble Association

A listing of all boat jumbles across the country, updated regularly. Do come and join us for a really great family day out, refreshments and toilet facilities are at every boat jumble.

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Cannes Yachting Festival

The Cannes Super Yacht Show
The tiresome view from the beach bar next to the Cannes Boat Show, sorry, I mean ‘Cannes Yachting Festival’.

Interesting fact about the Cannes Yachting Festival, which drips opulance and is full of gorgeous boats and gorgeous people – I once went there. Decided to soak up the atmosphere first on a beautiful, hot September day and take a lovely cold beer on a beach bar overlooking the harbour and the yachting festival. Heck, it was such an amazing spot, my friend and I took another cold beer. I don’t know if the Cannes Boat Show is any good, but I can tell you that the beach bar nearby was just shaaaamaaaaazing. Hic.

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Chaddock And Fox Promotions

Sounding like heavyweight boxing promoters, Chaddock and Fox Promotions were established in 1978 and are Founder Members of the Boat Jumble Assosciation. Jumbles listed throughout the year. Boat Jumbles in UK. Thousands of marine and boating bargains. Enter our events and meet the bargain hunters, by filling in the entry form provided, sell your goods and see your money grow.

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Cowes Week

The UK’s major sailing regatta, held in August each year. Sadly, not a single cow in site, but whatever floats your boat I guess.

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The London Boat Show

World famous for its’ Guiness stand, at which I have stood, and crawled out from, many times over the years. My preference was when it was lodged under the escalators in Earls Court, but now it is lodged in the Excel, London, it isn’t quite so glamorous, but still highly quaffable. Responsible entirely for my purchase of my Foldable Rib, where a couple of pints of the Black stuff confirmed it was a good idea to buy said F Rib. To be fair, it was. It’s a good boat. See my review on the blog if you are interested: F Rib Foldable Rib Review ».

Anyway, London Boat Show you say.

The London Boat Show »
The Big one in London. Not as wet as Southampton and it’s in January, but heck, it’s boats right?

Monaco Yacht Show

Just another super yacht anchored off the beautiful Fiscardo bay
Just another super yacht anchored off the beautiful Fiscardo bay

Splitting up the feuding London and Southampton Boat Show is the more glamourous setting of the Monaco Yacht Show, or Monaco Boat Show if you are uneducated as I was.

Stunning location, amazing yachts. Sunshine almost guaranteed at the back end of September. My friend James has promised to take me here and provide hosting for the weekend. I await that trip with interest. If he doesn’t get their first Monaco people, I am open to invitations. Private jet me in and I may even give you a header banner spot on totallyboaty for at least a few weeks… Well, what are you waiting for? Yacht me up, before you go-go….

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The Southampton Boat Show

Now, having just read about the London Boat Show being in London, you might be expecting the Southampton Boat Show to be in Southampton, mightn’t you eh? Well, erm, you’d be right there. Good job.

It’s like the London Boat Show, just add water, which in my humble opinion does kind of help for boats.

My favourite memory of the Southampton Boat Show – being asked to leave the Sunseeker stand because we had consumed more than the one glass of wine that my complementary invitation had entitled us to. I plead innocence, on account of the fact that I didn’t ask the lovely team Sunseeker to keep topping it up, they just did. Clearer instructions to your hired help required it would seem Sunseeker. Anyway, I digress. Nice boats Sunseeker, and a nice boat show, in Southampton, with an abundance of water (and wine).

The Southampton Boat show ‘really gives you the chance to test out the boats of your dreams on the water’, unless you are mega rich in which case take yourself off to Monaco old boy/gal.