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Is this your next boat?

If you are looking for the lowest rate boat loans or mortgages, this is a great place to start. This page features links to websites offering used boat loans and boat insurance and includes our marine mortgage calculator.

Search for the best deal for your yacht, sailboard, jetski or dinghy. You will find the boat loan or the boat insurance deal you are looking for.

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    Why Use A Marine Mortgage Calculator?

    The Marine Mortgage Calculator will show you how much your loan will cost you over the length of the mortgage, and how much you will have to repay in total over the course of the loan.

    It will show you whether you can afford your dream boat, and how much the interest will cost you over the course of the marine mortgage.

    The Marine Mortgage Calculator is free to use.

    Barclays Marine Mortgages And Boat Finance

    Searching for your dream boat? Barclays Mortgage ‘offer in principle (subject to later approval)’ will give you real negotiating power when buying your boat. Barclays Boat Finance & Mortgages.

    Simply click the link below to email Barclays and receive details about their marine finance options.

    Click Here For Barclays Marine Mortgages and Finance »

    Lombard Marine Finance

    Lombard offer a Marine Mortgage Calculator. You can see how much money you could borrow to fund the boat of your dreams. You can borrow from Lombard Marine Finance for any period from one year to 14 years, from £25,000 to £600,000, so a dream boat is not far away. Ready to use their Marine Mortgage Calculator?

    Click here to visit Lombard Marine Finance »

    Pegasus Marine Finance

    Borrow from £1,000 to £100,000 from Pegasus Marine Finance. Quickly see how much the payments will cost you using their Boat Loan Calculator.

    Click here to visit Pegasus Marine Finance »

    promarine finance

    Borrow from £3,000 to many millions from promarine finance, established in 1991.
    Click here to visit promarine finance »