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YOUR FREE BOAT BUYING WEBSITE LISTING/ BOATS FOR SALE WEBSITE/ OTHER BOATING WEBSITE is a new online directory for absolutely everything connected with boats. The only purpose of is to provide the public with fast access to all marine websites. Starting with boats for sale, moving onto chandleries, to holidays and every aspect of boating. A dedicated online boat directory to make all boat enthusiasts lives much easier when searching on the internet. The site itself will not list boats for sale, but link to all websites which do. So we are not in competition with your business, we are here to help it grow.

The mission statement

"We aim to be the number one most visited website for boating enthusiasts, through a combination of paid for advertising, a fully optimised website, PR and trade advertising."

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We would like you to have a free listing on our website to ensure our visitors have the chance of finding your website. Your free listing will include a direct link to your website with up to 30 words explaining your services. We may already have provided you with a free listing, possibly in even more than one section. To receive your free listing (or to continue to receive it if you are already listed) all that we ask is you provide a link to the website from your own website. We are not asking that you provide us with a position of prominence on your site, simply that the attached graphic and the coding below appear somewhere on your website. This helps us to achieve the mission statement above which in turn will also benefit your business.

The code and logo appear below. In the meantime please complete your free listing entry. The same entry will appear in every section, so please ensure you detail all services offered by your business, including major manufacturers of boats and engines, clothing brands supplied etc. Your 30 words do now include your business name and county.

Please complete your description in the box below. Please also select the categories which apply to your business, and confirm the county your business is based in.